Our digital printed and hand weaving fabric cushions and throws extensive collection personifies luxury and elegance. We believe that all our throws, and cushions should be tactile and beautiful. Our pillows and throws are of the finest quality, offering a lifetime of comfort and style for most any home decor, They are soft to touch and look great on the bed or thrown over the couch.

Especially our hand weaving throws throws ( bed spreads - summer blankets ) and cushions have the timeless quality that can only come from traditional techniques of hand weaving .Our Handmade Pillows and throws crafted by the hands of Denizli weaver

Timeless elegance is a theme running throughout our products; we have artfully combined this with modern demands for sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Most of our fabrics from our hammam towels collections are suitable for cushions. We are able to offer an additional service of making up hammam towels into several cushions.

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