Peshtemals & Hammam Towels

Hammam towels (also called pestemal or Fouta)  were originally used as towels in the hammams (steam rooms) of Turkey before becoming an elegant and chic lifestyle accessory.

Whether used as an addition in home décor, the bathroom or for outdoor leisure, they are stylish solutions for all your needs.

Timeless elegance is a theme running throughout our products; our designers have artfully combined this with modern demands for sustainability and environmental friendliness.

Our hammam towels are made from the best cotton ensuring they are beautifully soft to the touch. This makes them very suitable as sauna cloth or towel because they can absorb a lot of moisture. Even if the hammam cloth beach towel is perfect for use. The hammam towel is thin, flexible, lightweight and dries quickly and machine washable .

Our hammam towels  come in a large variety of colours, textures, patterns and sizes.

A hammam towel is ideal to take along when traveling. It is many times brighter than a regular towel and take up less space in your luggage. The hammam towel is ideal to take to the beach, wraps for the pool or day out.

Hammam towels can be also  used as shawls, , as throws on a chair, as tablecloths... the possibilities are endless

Using a warm coloured fouta as a throw will enliven your home, a soft coloured one will bring the perfect cosy touch and the soft texture will add sophistication to a picnic in the park.

Why not try mixing and matching the colours of  hammam towels  to complement own style, home or lifestyle?

They also make the perfect gift, certain to be loved however they are used.